Friday, January 27, 2006


10 Reasons to rent a car at MLA ‘06

Rent at the airport or at the hotel? A January 2006 article in USA Today shows that it is cheaper to rent away from the airport - lower fees and location costs. Ask at any hotel concierge desk for help in renting a car - a $2.00 tip is appropriate.

Why should you rent a car?

10. Where else is the average speed on surface streets over 50 mph?

9. It's 100 degrees outside and all the cool places to go are more than 5 miles away!

8. All the cool places near the conference are filled with medical librarians!

7. Phoenicians don’t believe in public transportation.

6. The conference is in Phoenix but Scottsdale is where it is happening!

5. You can get to the Indian Casinos in a hurry!

4. The Grand Canyon is only 5 hours away.

3. A car has air conditioning (but it’s a dry heat!).

2. A trunk to hold everything you buy at the wonderful shopping available in the Valley.

1. On second thought don’t rent a car because you if you see too much of the Valley of the Sun then you will want to move here like everyone else!!!!!
The LAC us NOT unanimous on this top 10! Unlike the author of the list (MK), some of us find central Phoenix increasingly enjoyable...and much of what's neat in Phx is a short cab-ride away from our hotel and the CC! Pls reply to the blog if you have questions or concerns...
-- Jacque
Central Phoenix Gal here, with a defense of the area. For those of you who prefer botox babes with boob jobs, (see photo at link under #6) and paying way more for stuff than is really necessary, you might enjoy Scottsdale. However, Central Phoenix has several very cool, non-chain restaurants within a short cab ride away from the convention. It also has art galleries where normally-compensated folks (read: librarians) can actually afford stuff. And folks in the Center City just MIGHT be a tad more authentic, both in their appearance and their politics.

Ok, Scottsdalians, fire away!
Does the LAC have any recommendations for the car rental place nearest to the Hyatt?
Our first recommendation is to ask the hotel concierge.

Second, go to a travel site such as Travelocity, select CARS, and hunt for a deal.

Last, here are some nearby Car Rental Locations
- Enterprise (602)257-4177 1402 N Central Ave 1.0 mile
- Airport (602)267-9100 2325 E Washington St 2.2 miles
- Hertz (602)267-8822500 South 24th Street 2.3 miles
For a complete listing, try this link - although it may expire.
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