Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Take me out to the ballgame!

The AZ Diamondbacks are in town for our meeting...hurray!
Visit their website to learn more, or post here if you are interested in arranging a group of attendees!


Games are:

Friday, May 19 – Atlanta Braves, 6:40 PM
Saturday, May 20 – Atlanta Braves, 6:40 PM
Sunday, May 21 – Atlanta Braves, 1:40 PM
Monday, May 22 – Pittsburgh Pirates, 6:40 PM
Tuesday, May 23 – Pittsburgh Pirates, 6:40 PM
Wednesday, May 24 – Pittsburgh Pirates, 3:40 PM

Tickets (602) 462-6500

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I love my Diamondbacks! What night would everyone like to go? Friday seems clear, or Monday? Or both! I would be glad to "host" this-(like a dine-around)-everyone signs up, and we go.
I'd love to see a baseball game. Hopefully you will be able to get this organized. Either night would be fine with me.
I'd like to see a game. Monday night looks best for me.
Sign me up I love to go to a game, Monday looks good for me
I would love to go to a game. Let me know where and when.
Let's plan on Monday then. I'm always game!
Sounds like Monday is it!
Sounds like Monday is it!
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