Thursday, January 26, 2006


Arizona Time

Most of Arizona has no Daylight Savings Time.

So in practice:

Hawaiian Standard Time = Arizona MST time + 3 hours
8:00 HST = 11:00 MST
8:00 MST = 5:00 HST

Alaska Daylight Time = Arizona MST time + 1 hours
8:00 ADT = 9:00 MST
8:00 MST = 7:00 ADT

Pacific Daylight Time = Arizona MST time
8:00 PDT = 8:00 MST
8:00 MST = 8:00 PDT

Mountain Daylight Time = Arizona MST time - 1 hour
8:00 MDT = 7:00 MST
8:00 MST = 9:00 MDT

Central Daylight Time = Arizona MST time - 2 hours
8:00 CDT = 6:00 MST
8:00 MST = 10:00 CDT

Eastern Daylight Time = Arizona MST time - 3 hours
8:00 EDT = 5:00 MST
8:00 MST = 11:00 EDT

Central Europe Daylight Time Time = Arizona MST time - 7 hours
8:00 CEDT = 1:00 MST
8:00 MST = 17:00 CEDT

With any luck, when you get off the plane the stewardess will tell you what the local time is. For planning purposes, early morning (the best time of the desert day!) will be less early for Easterners.

There is an exception to the "No Daylight Savings Time." The Navajo Nation (Naabeehó Dine'é), in the Four Corners, is spread across three states. Therefore, it does practice Daylight Savings Time to keep everybody in the nation on the same clock.

Anyone visiting from Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia who would like to share their time?
At the moment it's 19.45/7.45PM Amsterdam/Paris/Brussels/Berlin Time. Can you tell me please what time it is in MST-Time? at this very moment?

I have to call someone back between 7.00AM and 6.00PM MST, but I don't know what time that would be in our country.

If possible please answer by email:

Regards & thanks!

Harry (The Netherlands)
19.45/7.45PM Amsterdam/Paris/Brussels/Berlin Time
... is 10.45/7.45AM Mountain Standard Time in Arizona.

In other Mountain states, it is 9.45/7.45AM Mountain Daylight Time.

In California, it is 9.45/7.45AM Pacific Daylight Time.
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