Monday, February 27, 2006


Highlights of the literature: Phoenix!

Phoenix for girls
"One mom, two teen daughters, and three manicures equals vacation happiness."
Sunset March 2006,20633,1153542,00.html

Phoenix & Scottsdale: Who says there's nothing new under the sun?
by Joe Passov, Eamon Lynch, Tara Gravel.
"Phoenix and Scottsdale are known for having some of the grandest old tracks in the Southwest, but this is still fertile terrain--a handful of newer courses have injected new life into the region, giving you even more reasons to visit. Toss in amenities for the not-so-golfy--world-class shopping, great food and superb spas--and you have a destination that promises golf and marital harmony."
Golf Magazine Jan 1, 2006 v48 i1 p114

Phoenix Suburb Pushes To Become First With Wi-Fi Everywhere
by Michelle Roberts.
" Tempe, Ariz. is due to have a Wi-Fi network available for all of its 160,000 residents in February [2006].... Two hours of free access each day also will be available for Internet users on the Arizona State campus or the nearby Mill Avenue retail district, where the network began a year ago as a pilot project and has proven popular."
InformationWeek Dec 12, 2005

Southwest sizzle: .
by Melissa Castleman, Amy Traverso.
"Suddenly Phoenix and Scottsdale have a ton of great places to eat--here are the ones you can't miss."
Sunset Dec 2005,20633,1109680,00.html

Early starts
by Melissa Castleman
"Beat the Phoenix heat with a morning hike and breakfast. Catch the sunrise lighting the slender saguaros along the Go John Trail in Cave Creek Regional Park, then linger over breakfast at the Bakery Cafe."
Sunset July 2005,20633,1067893,00.html
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