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Taxi rates are about the same everywhere. However, Phoenix is a typical western city: it's a long way between here and there. Taking a taxi instead of making a 15 minute walk will cost about $5.00 - worth the cost if it's late! Going from downtown to Tempe may run more than $30.00.

It's $60 by taxi to Scottsdale - $120 round trip. Renting a car runs $25 to $60 a day, including gas, tax and fees. TravelocityCars found one car for $16 (but once you add fees, it's closer to $25.) It is cheaper to rent on the weekend than on weekdays. Multiple drivers also raise the cost of car rental - one driver is cheaper. Check your car insurance to see if it covers rental cars: most insurers do. Most car rental agencies will deliver the car to your hotel, or pick you up. Drop it off when you've finished your trip, unless you are in one of the complimentary parking hotels!

SuperShuttle will pick you up at anywhere in the Valley of the Sun (=Greater Phoenix Area) and take you to the airport for $9 to $12.00. There's a booth at the Airport, or you can call 800-258-3826. The hotel front desk can make reservations for you, too. The Shuttle will even go to Bed and Breakfasts or the Convention Center. A group of seven can arrange for a discount.

Phoenix is a city, so be careful. Don't explore alleys after dark, leave your your purse unattended, or accept invitations from strangers to see the etchings in their rooms :-)

I think 6am-9pm is reasonable for walking. Some members of the Local Arrangements Committee think 4:30am-11:00 is safe; some think dawn to dusk. Note that Sundays tend to be emptier than other days; you might want to take DASH on Sunday evening. If the streets are empty, then worry a bit. If the streets are crowded, then just be cautious.

Free time
You will have evening, lunch and dinner free at least on some days. Sign up for the Dine-Arounds, both to find good local restaurants and to meet people in a small group.

If you will be at MLA on Saturday & Sunday, then taking four hours off on Monday-Wednesday is reasonable. Not every part of the program will be of equal interest. (As an avid gardener, I believe that everyone should see the Botanical Garden!) Ducking out of the business meetings - not that we admit to having done so ourselves - is known to occur. If you do not plan to join a committee or business section, then the time allocated to section business and committee meetings will be free for you. (Although, if you are in a hospital library, I recommend joining the Hospital Library Section!) Also, the business meetings are a good way to meet people.
I'm interested in getting to Talisen West. What would you recommend doing for transportation since I'm not renting a car?
Ummm. The concierge at the Hyatt Regency said that a taxi would cost $60 one way to make the 28 mile drive; $120 round trip.

Public transportation to Scottsdale costs $1.25, but takes two hours from downtown Phoenix - plus a taxi out to Taliesin from downtown Scottsdale.

You can rent a car for $30-$40 for one day. MLA-LAC strongly recommends renting a car - perhaps you can find a small group to share the cost or do the driving?

Other information
Taliesin West is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Taliesin West is located 28 miles northeast of downtown Phoenix.

You cannot just wander around at Talisin, but must take a guided tour.
List of May tours offered at Talisin West

- 12621 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ
- Entrance at the intersection of Cactus Road and Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard (approx. 114th Street) in northeast Scottsdale.
Bus route to Taliesin West
Response from Valley Metro:
There is no bus service to Talisin West. The closest we [Valley Metro Bus Service] can get you is 94St/Cactus. From there you will either need to walk or call a cab.

To get from Downtown Phoenix to 94St/Cactus you would take the Redline EB to McClintock/Apache. The stop for the Redline EB is located in front of the Compass Bank building on the NW corner of 1Ave/Van Buren. When you get to McClintock/Apache you will take the 81NB on McClintock to 94St/Cactus. The stop is located on the NE corner of McClintock/Apache. From 94St/Cactus walk approximately 2 miles east on Cactus to Frank Lloyd Wright/Taliesin Dr and north about a mile on Taliesin Dr. We hope this information is of help to you. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at 602-253-5000 or via email at
Is there a car rental service anywhere close to the hotel? Or do I have to go to the airport to get a rental?
In our experience, cars will be delivered to the hotel or the company will pick you up. When you drop off the car, they give you a ride back to the hotel (or airport if necessary.) Generally you must return the car to the unit where you got the car. If you plan to keep the car for more than one day, ask about return-alternatives.
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