Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Ghold, Ghosts and Ghost Towns

Where's the gold?
Hunt for Lost Dutchman Mine over in Superstition Mountain looming to the east.... Find the cavern lined with gold nuggets, or join the hordes of spirits haunting the hills. After all, someone has to find the mine someday - why not you?

Stand on the corner, looking for shade .. the shades of the lost. (Although anyone who stands out in the sun in Phoenix in mid-May is likely to start seeing things :-)
Sighting Sites

Ghost Towns
Change ... Most ghost towns in Arizona were mining communities, abandoned when the ore ran out; others were railway depots, cowtowns or farming communities that came on hard times. Few, if any, are haunted; they are merely empty, with only dust and wind haunting their streets.
Haunted Phoenix
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